California Martial Arts AcademyWelcome,

California Martial Arts Academy is a relatively new school started in late 1996 in Folsom California.   The aim of course, was to teach and carry on the systems and styles that we so very much believe in.  Not only out of respect and admiration for our founders and instructors but for our future students.

We are dedicated to the instruction and promotion of Zen Budokai JuJitsu developed by Professor Duke Moore, And Chen style Tai Chi Chuan as done by Master George Xu.

At CMAA we teach because we love what we do and are appreciative of what we have learned and how it has changed our life for the better.

CMAA is a growing but still relatively small school with class sizes that still accommodate one on one instruction.  Where you can learn effective martial arts techniques in a relaxed, comfortable and friendly environment.  Develop self confidence and learn advanced methods of conflict resolution that can be useful in all aspects of your life.